Join us for the launch of our next Houston-area peer advisory board with a kickoff dinner event on
May 21st at Perry's River Oaks - only a few spots remain.


Join us for the kickoff of our next Houston peer advisory board on May 21st at Perry's River Oaks - only a few spots remain.


  • Discover valuable “Six Figure Takeaways” for achieving six-figure growth within 12 months, directly from entrepreneurs who've done it

  • Learn from the wins and losses of others to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes

  • Get personalized, actionable feedback on your company's unique challenges and opportunities from successful non-competing entrepreneurs

  • Secure your place among a select group of driven business owners poised for exponential growth.

  • Break free from isolation, engaging in meaningful conversations and building relationships with fellow business owners who 'get it'


PLEASE CONFIRM: I am a business owner with at least one team member (sorry, this isn't for solopreneurs, e.g. realtors, freelancers, etc.)

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Join us for the launch of our next Houston-area peer advisory board with a kickoff dinner event on April 16th at Perry's River Oaks -- only a few spots remain.


  • Discover valuable “Six Figure Takeaways” for achieving six-figure growth within 12 months, directly from entrepreneurs who've done it

  • Learn from the wins and losses of others to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes

  • Get personalized, actionable feedback on your company's unique challenges and opportunities from successful non-competing entrepreneurs

  • Secure your place among a select group of driven business owners

    poised for exponential growth.

  • Break free from isolation, engaging in meaningful conversations and building relationships with fellow business owners who 'get it'


Date: Tuesday, May 21st

Time: 6-9 pm

Location: Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille River Oaks

Address: 1997 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

This is your chance to participate in one of our transformative peer advisory board meetings with a select group of local business owners. 

We typically only open these events to our members, but for one night only, we're inviting a few additional entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their businesses to the next level.

Expect an evening of high-level discussions, strategic planning, and problem solving with fellow entrepreneurs, all while enjoying an amazing dinner (food & drinks included with your confirmed registration). 

This isn't a networking event - it's a structured session aimed at providing you with actionable insights and strategies that you can apply immediately to see real results.



Join Other Entrepreneurs Transforming Their Businesses with Peer Advisory

Six Figure Dinners Money Back Guarantee

Get Exceptional Value or We'll Refund Your Membership costs in full, up to One year.

It's That Simple.



Six Figure Dinners is a curated community where business owners gather over dinner to exchange insights, lend support, and learn from each other's triumphs and challenges.

  • Learn from the triumphs and failures of a trusted peer board of business owners

  • Uncover valuable "Six Figure Takeaways" you can use to achieve sustainable, strategic growth

  • Say goodbye to entrepreneurial loneliness with support from other successful entrepreneurs



Six Figure Dinners members get direct access to seasoned business owners who've navigated the very challenges you face today. Their hard-earned insights are your shortcut to success, sparing you countless hours, effort, and common pains of business growth.

Join a Circle of Trustworthy Peers to Help You Conquer Your Biggest Business Challenges

Uncover "Six Figure TakeAways" For Your Business

There are all sorts of problems small business owners face that can't just be Googled. And even if you could Google them, the internet is filled with terrible advice from people who've never actually run a business.

Six Figure Dinners members benefit from monthly peer board discussions as well as one-on-one sessions with an experienced board chair that provide specific, actionable strategies tailored to their unique business needs. These are what we call "Six Figure Takeaways" -- real, tangible ideas you can implement into your business to see six figure growth.


The Six Figure Dinners Recipe for Success

  • Exclusive Focus

    Six Figure Dinners focuses on small business owners with $500K-$5MM in revenue, providing tailored expertise and guidance for their distinct challenges.

  • The Power of Peer Advisory
    Members gain access to a Peer Board of Advisors dedicated to offering strategic guidance, insights, and connections for sustainable growth.

  • Monthly Dinner Meetings

    Our system fosters collaboration and relationships through intimate monthly dinner meetings, tackling pressing business challenges.

  • Comprehensive Support

    In addition to a Peer Board of Advisors, members enjoy access to a network of expert consultants for specialized advice and solutions tailored to their needs.

  • Personalized Coaching
    Six Figure Dinners provides quarterly 1-on-1 meetings with their Board Chair for personalized guidance on members' growth journeys.

  • Annual Retreat

    The annual 3-day retreat allows members to strengthen connections, learn from experts, and gain insights in an inspiring setting.

Ready to Transform Your Business?


We Back Up Our Claims With Proof


Beata Lerman

Sinless Treats

How Beata Increased Her Chocolate Company’s Sales 3x in One Year Working with Six Figure Dinners


Dr. Beata Lerman, a Russian immigrant who moved to Houston at age 14, is a true example of resilience and innovation. With two PhDs in molecular biology and pharmacology and a personal victory over cancer, Beata's journey led her to create her company Sinless Treats. Launched in November 2021, Sinless Treats was inspired by her commitment to health, offering sugar-free chocolates that don't compromise on taste. Despite her academic prowess, Beata's executive experience in running a business was limited, and while her business was growing, she needed help navigating the challenges that come with building a company. 

The Challenge

Beata's Sinless Treats was in a high-growth phase, but along with this came a wide range of challenges in building a company from the ground up. With only a year of business experience under her belt, Beata faced the daunting task of navigating things like brand positioning, team management, and sustainable business practices. 

The Process

Joining a Six Figure Dinners board in 2022, with Joi Beasley as the Board Chair, marked a turning point for Beata. Her journey with Six Figure Dinners involved in-depth, productive discussions about brand positioning -- debating between being a health food or luxury brand. Opting for the latter, Beata spent the year honing business systems and sustainability practices. Her engagement with Six Figure Dinners was immersive; she met regularly with Joi Beasley, often more than once a month, and participated in the 3-day retreat. During all of this, she picked up several “Six Figure Takeaways” -- insights and strategies to propel her business forward. 

The Results

The impact of Six Figure Dinners on Sinless Treats was profound. Sales tripled within a year, and Beata achieved this growth organically, without resorting to loans. More than just financial success, Beata found peace of mind and a robust support system she still leans on to this day. Her experience with Six Figure Dinners stood out compared to other advisory groups, citing the trust and extended interactions beyond board meetings as pivotal to her success.

In her words, “When I was getting closer to the SFD advisory board meeting, I felt better and better. Whatever was troubling me at the time will be resolved. It is invaluable support and you cannot put a price on that. I have experienced a few advisory groups and by far Six Figure Dinners built the most trust. This is the group you will build the most trust with. You will see them outside of the board meetings. Those interactions make a huge difference.”

Luis Chaves

Pangea Financial Group

How Luis Increased His Company’s Profits by 20% Since Joining Six Figure Dinners


Luis Chaves, a Colombian native who moved to the US when he was 19, co-leads Pangea Financial Group, a company that works with clients nationwide that need help providing employee benefits and creating a financial plan. Pangea boasts an impressive portfolio, servicing over 15,000 employees across 2,000 group clients by offering Fortune 500-like benefits to businesses of any size. Despite his success, Luis was actively seeking external perspectives to not only further grow his business but also to evolve as a business owner navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. 

The Challenge

While Pangea Financial Group had achieved sound growth as a company, Luis recognized the need for diverse perspectives and strategic guidance to transition from merely focusing on his specific job to truly owning a business. He valued the idea of being surrounded by non-competitive business owners facing similar challenges and was passionate about learning from their experiences. His goal was to make his company more profitable and set it on a path to sustainable success that wouldn’t require his constant involvement in every facet. 

The Process

Luis joined the Six Figure Dinners Board in February 2023. His involvement included participating in multiple panels, monthly meetings, and a 3-day retreat. While he’s come away with several “Six Figure Takeaways” during his time as a member, he found a panel with renowned entrepreneur Jay Steinfeld to be particularly impactful and inspiring. Over the last year, Luis has made significant team changes, hiring 6 employees and letting go of 3, growing to a team of 13 in all. His participation in the Six Figure Dinners has cemented a growth trajectory and helped him redefine his role, moving from someone solely focused on his job to a well-rounded business owner. 

The Results

The past year marked a significant transformation for Luis and Pangea Financial Group. With Six Figure Dinners’ support, Luis learned to develop a business that could start to thrive independently of his constant presence. Pangea's profitability grew by 20%, and plans are in place for an ambitious 50%-100% profit growth in 2024. Luis credits Six Figure Dinners for providing a platform to learn from successful business owners about team growth and personal development as an entrepreneur.

As Luis told us, you need a person who isn't an employee who can truly give it to you straight and tell you what they really think. He noted that most entrepreneurs don't have that and said, “Six Figure Dinners has been very helpful to me [as a business owner]. If you’re on your way to becoming a great company, you're going to need a board of directors. You're going to need somebody who can tell you how things are. If you don't have that, I'm not sure how you're going to be able to get there. If you look at any great company, they have some type of advisory board.”

Wendy Holley

Holley Acquisitions

How Wendy made a strategic hire that improved profitability after becoming a Six Figure Dinners member


Wendy Holley, a seasoned entrepreneur from Houston, has been at the helm of various businesses for over 30 years, including the family-run Holley Acquisitions where she, alongside her husband and sons, specializes in buying and selling businesses. Wendy was looking to step out of her comfort zone and gain insights from professionals outside her usual business circle as she sought to take her business to the next level. 

The Challenge

While Wendy wasn't necessarily grappling with an immediate problem, she was aware of the challenges growth could bring. She expressed, “I knew with growth that I would want creative input on the different types of challenges I might come across.” Wendy also knew she needed more clarity in the direction of her business, feeling things were a bit “scattered”. 

The Process

Wendy joined a Board at Six Figure Dinners in January 2023. Her participation extended to multiple Six Figure Dinners panels, involving her sons who are also her business partners, as well as monthly Board meetings and one-on-ones with her Board Chair Joi Beasley. The 3-day Six Figure Dinners retreat was a pivotal experience for her. Wendy, typically reserved about her business challenges, found the group setting conducive to opening up and sharing her experiences and challenges as an entrepreneur. She said, “I’m not the type of a person who opens up to people, but because of the things we have done in our group, I have been able to build true friendships. It helps to be more vulnerable in a business setting and tell people things I might not necessarily tell. As we get to know each other over time, we learn we're all at different stages in our businesses. The ones that are even further ahead and have done more than I have, we realize we've all been there and struggled with variations of the same problems.” 

The Results

The Six Figure Dinners experience brought significant clarity and direction to Wendy's business. She gained a clearer vision for her business's future and the team dynamics she desired. Her interactions, especially with Board Chair Joi, were instrumental in providing targeted insights and guidance. This led to the successful acquisition of two new businesses and hiring a Fractional CFO, a move that Wendy describes as a catalyst for improved profitability. She anticipates a substantial increase in profitability in 2024, attributing it to the ongoing application of her "Six Figure Takeaways" she’s gained from her peer-advisory group.

Wendy explained, “I didn’t start out in Six Figure Dinners with a clear direction on where my business was going to go, but I have been able to clarify goals around the types of businesses we want to buy, who we want involved on our team, and a lot more clarity on where our business is headed in general.

”Speaking to other entrepreneurs who were considering joining Six Figure Dinners, Wendy said, "The input you're going to get from your fellow business owners [in Six Figure Dinners] is something I would highly recommend. Six Figure Dinners has really honed the process. It's an invaluable tool no matter what stage of business you're in."

Join Other Entrepreneurs Transforming Their Businesses with Peer Advisory

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frequently asked questionS

What is Six Figure Dinners, and how does it differ from other peer advisory groups?

Six Figure Dinners is a peer advisory group for business owners with $500,000-$5MM in annual revenue. It focuses on creating an intimate environment, combining Board of Advisors discussions, expert consultants, and personalized coaching. It’s where founders and entrepreneurs come together to discuss their most pressing issues, draw on collective experiences, and learn from each other’s journeys over a meal.

Who is the ideal member for Six Figure Dinners?

Ideal members are business owners with at least 25% equity and annual revenues between $500,000 and $5MM, open to learning and participating in discussions. This is a distinct group of entrepreneurs and founders who have already navigated past the initial hurdles of startup life and are now running successful, growing businesses.

A key characteristic that sets our members apart is their commitment to reciprocal growth. Six Figure Dinners isn't just a forum for receiving advice, it's a community where each member is both a learner and a mentor. Our members are not only seeking guidance for their own challenges but are equally dedicated to offering their insights and experiences to help their peers.

If you are a business owner who is willing to put in the effort to grow, Six Figure Dinners may be the right fit for you.

What exactly is included in a Six Figure Dinners membership?

A Six Figure Dinners membership includes a comprehensive suite of offerings: monthly board meetings, a 3-day in-person retreat, an annual holiday party, quarterly one-on-one sessions with the Board Chair, monthly one-on-one meetings with rotating members, and the option to attend various workshops or panel events. This blend of group and individual interactions is designed to foster deep connections, strategic growth, and personal development for each member.

What is the structure of Six Figure Dinners meetings?

Meetings begin with introductions, followed by dinner, then a mastermind-style Board of Advisors discussion, and Q&A sessions with expert consultants.

What is the process for becoming a member of Six Figure Dinners?

To become a member of Six Figure Dinners, interested entrepreneurs schedule a phone interview for an in-depth understanding of the community and a vetting process to ensure mutual fit, after which, if both parties agree, the entrepreneur can sign up for membership.

How does the Peer Board of Advisors work?

It connects members with a group of eight business owners from various industries, excluding competitors and investors, for open discussions. These are small business owners who are intelligent, motivated, and diverse. Our boards have an average age of 40, are 40% female, and 30% international. We strive to provide members with unique perspectives to approach business problem-solving. No members of your board will be in the same industry - meaning there will be no competitors - so your board will be a safe space to process your strategic plans and consider your company’s weaknesses. Our goal is that your board will become an invaluable resource of members who understand what you are going through and can help you get to the next level.

Who leads each Six Figure Dinners board?

Six Figure Dinners has identified Board Chairs who are both small business owners and consultants/coaches. These individuals are uniquely qualified to lead boards, because they see both sides of the equation. EVERY ONE of our Board Chairs has led a profitable small business and each one of them has coaching/consulting experience.

What types of business challenges does Six Figure Dinners help members overcome?

Challenges include increasing sales, streamlining operations, securing funding, managing risks, addressing HR concerns, and enhancing marketing efforts.

How often do members meet for dinner meetings and other events?

Six Figure Dinners members meet regularly, with monthly board meetings throughout the year, complemented by a 3-day in-person retreat in the spring, a holiday party in December, quarterly one-on-one meetings, and optional workshops or panel events.

How does Six Figure Dinners ensure confidentiality among its members?

By having each member sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

What is the overall time commitment required for Six Figure Dinners membership?

The estimated time commitment is 5-10 hours per month. This will include your monthly board meeting (3 hours), your one-on-one meetings, group chat, and the 3-day retreat.

What locations do the board meetings take place?

Currently, we have several in-person boards that meet across the Houston area.

What if I don’t like my experience at Six Figure Dinners?

We will give you a full refund (not prorated) for up to 12 months after joining. Please contact andrew[at]sixfiguredinners[dot]com and we will either refund your credit card or mail you a check for the full amount. Six Figure Dinners is all about adding value. We don’t want anyone to be a member of Six Figure Dinners who doesn’t love it. If being a Six Figure Dinners member doesn’t add value to you, go where the value is added.

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